Step by Step

Standing Together Effectively for People by Standing Together Effectively for People

About Us

We are individuals, 18 years of age and older, who share in the quality of life challenges and stigma inherent in mental illness and psychiatric diagnosis. Step-By-Step thrives to empower our members with person-centered relationships, programs, services, and when needed, interventions. These programs and activities increase member’s access to services promoting recovery from illness and also address important quality of life issues.

SBS believes that the way to stay out of the hospital and remain connected with our community is to improve our place in the community by:

  • Taking an active role and being a partner in our recovery.
  • Obtaining safe and affordable housing.
  • Obtaining and maintaining some level of employment.
  • Have adequate income.
  • Have support from important others – family and friends.
  • Having access to effective treatment for optimal physical and mental/emotional health.
  • Seeking opportunities to participate in community roles


Future Vision and Goals
  • Expanding our housing program
  • Enhancing our respite/hospital diversion efforts.
  • Expanding employment opportunities